I Have Fingers of Thunder

Johny Thundersbeard does not procrastinate about writing


I was never into poetry. Or so I thought. I knew I wrote a couple of poems under the right inspiration. And, I showed them to a musico mate. He liked them enough to turn them into songs, and to ask for more. I founds literally hundreds of them going through old notebooks. A form of automatic writing? I don’t know. I used to swear that I never wrote anything, that I suffered from writers block, writers brick, writers procrastination, you name it. Yet, going through old journals I found tons of these poems. Most of them top level babyshit drivel, but enough of them to form a few nuggetty gems that found their way onto a couple of albums of material. Then, when the concept of producing poetry as art really exploded in my little artist’s brain, I started producing “poetry comix”. I set out to turn every poem I had ever written into a comic. I got up to “C” before I called it a day, but I had actually got up to “L” with the thumbnail sketches and concept layouts. I always think maybe one day, I’ll look into it again. The only thing is you have two forms of expression reknowned for their imagery, and as my wife used to tell me, I had trouble expressing decent imagery in either form, let alone both at once!

I won’t be posting both the poetry and the poetry comix, cross-referenced, on this blog. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to you! I have another blog that I’m using as a repository of every last globule of creative endeavour I’ve ever had.


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