I Have Fingers of Thunder

Johny Thundersbeard does not procrastinate about writing

HOW to Be A Writer by Barbara BAIG

Read 2 chapters today. Did some visualisation exercises from it about ideal writing place and actual writing place. I did this using the stylus that came with my phone (samsung note 2). Tomorrow when I wake up I will do freewriting for 10 minutes in 2 5 minute intervals.  (snooze button on alarm). I am leaving my baggage about why I can’t bring myself to write behind. I am leaving it in the too hard basket,  and just beginning my writing life again.
I read some advice from Ernest Hemingway,  I love the Old Man & the Sea so much,  about walking into a room and walking out knowing everything that was in it that was pretty cool.  The same article,  which talks about an advice column Hemingway used to write as a young man,  goes onto talk about how EH advises an aspirer to see the point of view of people balling you out,  pinpoint the emotion,  and write it down.  He recommends the same process for fishing; pinpointing the exact moment of excitement when the fish tugs at the line,  monitoring the emotion,  storing it away,  and writing it out later as if it was the reader witnessing the event and not the writer. I often muse on this exact process in my idle moments.


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