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Johny Thundersbeard does not procrastinate about writing

The answer to “How do I keep writing” at last!

I’ve had this one in the bottom of the bag for a couple of days. A little bit of synergy happened to me the other day. I was at work, … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Plotting Individual scenes

I have developed a new writing formula for plotting scenes. It is a breakdown process suitable for the smaller story arcs that should be found in any longer narrative. It … Continue reading

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Writers Rehab

My name is Michael. And I am a brick.

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Hand-written and hand-drawn journals.

When I was 19 I went to visit my brother in Vietnam,  he was working so I found myself with  time to spare.  I went backpacking by myself for a … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Family Blackmail

Your main character is  a fearless 59 year-old woman. The story begins in a cinema. Someone is being blackmailed. It’s a story about family ties. Your character takes control of … Continue reading

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Imagine: Science Writing Prompts

Imagine of all the objects made from plastics suddenly disappeared. How would your life change? Write an imaginative piece describing this. You may wish to talk to someone over the … Continue reading

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Writing Prompts about a Pathogen.

“This is an awesome idea for a story.” Maybe it doesn’t kill people,  but acts in a symbiotic/parasitic manner giving super intelligence and coherence to animals. Or,  it gives immortality … Continue reading

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Today is a victory

Today I wrote 277 terrible, terrible, beautiful words.

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Real Life Writers

I met a lady yesterday, the girlfriend of my father-in-law’s oldest friend, who is a crime writer. Novels, awards, short stories: the works. I didn’t really talk to her much … Continue reading

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Storytelling Experiences

Storytelling is one of the most powerful techniques we have as humans to communicate and motivate. What are your best tips for telling stories? Have you had similar experiences with … Continue reading

January 1, 2014 · 2 Comments

I Am Your Market: Library Pull List

Driving home on Sunday, I happened upon the radio station for Vision Australia. I love a good AM station when they veer away from talkback and into radio report land. … Continue reading

December 30, 2013 · 1 Comment

HOW to Be A Writer by Barbara BAIG

Read 2 chapters today. Did some visualisation exercises from it about ideal writing place and actual writing place. I did this using the stylus that came with my phone (samsung … Continue reading

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I Read Too – the Nice Guys Zombie Novel

Dying to Live – Kim Paffenroth. should check out this book. I’ve been reading it on my Android phone using Aldiko. http://www.aldiko.com An authentic,  college educated Religious Scholar writing a … Continue reading

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You write a scene that features a dinner party.  You can write the scene as a straight description of a party of guests having,  you know,  dinner.  Or,  you can … Continue reading

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Finished A Chapter

Just wrote 328 words before bed to finish Chapter 14 of my stream of conscious novel “Mutants Walk Amongst Us, Scrabbling, Scrabbling.” I only set out to write a single … Continue reading

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The Human Division by John Scalzi

I have this huge hankering for a hard scifi novel with real,  current science. I had a browse through  the Google Play Store for science fiction novels that fit the … Continue reading

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Steam Punk Word Painting

“Consider using words like gush, mumbling, whirr, and plunk. These onomatopoetic terms will add sensory detail as well as provide readers with more complete understanding.” “Understatement prevents writing from becoming … Continue reading

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Writing to Spec

I dont care too much for labels. It’s not that I’m against them, it’s just that I don’t really care when they get used. Take the use of  Speculative Fiction … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Writing and Alcohol

Last night, I drank some tawny port from a flagon and went for it. In the light of today, it was terrible stuff that upon reflection should make me give … Continue reading

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Do Android Readers Dream About Electric Sheep?

I have just made the switch from IOS (Ipod 3rd gen, Iphone 4, Ipad 2) to Android (Nexus 7, Samsung Note II). Solely for screen size as I’m studying and … Continue reading

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Darth Vader

Creative thinking often rears it’s head in the shadows.

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Where did that writing come from?

I just wrote 500 words of authentic prose on a romantic fantasy short story I set aside last year. I opened up the file, expecting it to be another story … Continue reading

June 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

Just finished a book: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, and boy are my fins tired….

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson My rating: 4 of 5 stars Most exciting last third I’ve read for some time. It became a real “can’t put this down” book. … Continue reading

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When to use a Simile

Simile’s can be over used and over the top. They can enliven writing that needs it, however. The key is to only use it when you want to offer insight. … Continue reading

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Yesterday I Wrote

Yesterday, I wrote. I wrote 100 words of my next No Rest instalment (the horror novel that I am writing with Kid Killagin) while waiting for the hot water to … Continue reading

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The Return of Submission Monkey

I submitted a piece of writing to a real magazine. One that is recognised by one of those big science fiction associations. It was a flash fiction science fiction piece, … Continue reading

May 26, 2013 · 1 Comment

Officially a writing routine.

This is the second day in a row that I have entered the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge over at writing.com. Does that make it a successful routine yet? It certainly … Continue reading

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How to Stop Emails Being Sent to Followers?

Effed if I know. That private/public trick obviously didn’t work!

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Today was a big success. Yes, I successfully

Firstly, apologies to those on my email list for all the “30 Day Blogging Challenge” entries. They are actually from last year, I am moving my writing.com blog from there … Continue reading

May 9, 2013 · 1 Comment

dare to daydream

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes. Agatha Christie Letting in the theta waves is a great way to let ideas come to you … Continue reading

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Adding Characters

I promised this guy I game with – okay, he’s more then that, he’s one of my best friends – that I would include his latest DND character in my … Continue reading

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Where Are My Manners!?

So, I’ve started writing again. At last. Not well, not great volumes of it. But Im writing again. I actually finished an instalment of No Rest. I’ve just gone over … Continue reading

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A Victory Day

Just wrote 196 words on my next scene for No Rest. This is the biggest lead up scene to a giant action event and pivotal moment. I’ve been obviously been … Continue reading

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Hanging It

Learn a framework, and you can hang anything on it. Learn the structure of haiku, and you can make a poem out of any sentiment. Learn the structure of a … Continue reading

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2 Great Writing Email Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

I am pretty old school. I still love email. In fact, I still love mailing lists. These days, everything old is new again, and now I love email newsletters. It’s … Continue reading

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3 Tips on How NOT to Write Fiction

Tip #1: Paint Your House. The outside. Tip #2: When painting the parts of the house that no one will ever see (like roof side window sills on a cathedral … Continue reading

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Making Words Count: Flashback Sequences

Last night, on a whim, I started a random story. I wrote 226 words before my nerves got the better of me. It was trash, but it was meant to … Continue reading

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Nootropic Log #13: It’s time to reflect, where I’ve been.

Finally got my blood test results. The stand out for me is that my ferritin is borderline low at 25. The reading I have done suggests ideally it should be … Continue reading

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Jurassic Dead

We can stand and marvel at the intricate workings of the brain. Experiences, memories: ripples of light, Synapses carrying messages. Watching it from within, a room full of people are … Continue reading

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Today is a Victory

Out of the blue, I just wrote 250 words on my Steam Punk cowboy story. I was going through my Google Drive account looking for my novel doc.  I was … Continue reading

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Today’s Procrastination Brought to You By…

Instead of writing I am building a fence. I’ve just got back from the hardware store with 12 bags of concrete. I’m going to use off cuts and old treated … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln’s Descendents

Watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and I was driven by an insatiable need, not for blood, but to search for the descendents of the real Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, it seems … Continue reading

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There’s a story in every moment…

…how do you choose which ones to write about?

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What does it mean to write?

What does it mean to you when someone says “to write?” What does it mean to them when someone says they are a natural to writing, that they have an … Continue reading

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Identifying with Underdogs

I follow a great little aussie writer. One of her many extracurricular activities (let’s call being a writer her main job, even though technically it’s not) is being the slushpile … Continue reading

December 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

Protected: Nootropic Log #9: Let’s All Get In Line

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Nootropic Log #7:

Had a nicer result back in 800 mg Piracetam twice a day. Taking my lions mane all at night now. Since I’ve started doing this I usually have 1 nightmare … Continue reading

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Nootropic Log#2

Day 1 Having a bad morning with brain fog and tiredness. My immediate short term memory is shot. I keep pushing wrong buttons flicking wrong switches, and putting wrong keys … Continue reading

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Nootropic Log #1: Cognition Ignition

This is more of a log then a stack, but advice/recommendations/warnings are welcome.In the past I’ve been diagnosed with a Vitamin D Deficiency, and I’ve been diagnosed with Narcolepsy just … Continue reading

October 28, 2012 · 1 Comment

day 9: Oodg vs adb!

Day 9 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge I see the mix of goood and evil in man every day. I don’t see in the streets. I don’t see it … Continue reading

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