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The Human Division by John Scalzi

I have this huge hankering for a hard scifi novel with real,  current science.

I had a browse through  the Google Play Store for science fiction novels that fit the high tech or hard science bill.  Of course I had no idea what I was looking at.  A lot of series,  or franchises (it’s so hard to tell these days),  and a lot of older works by authors I know and trust (like Greg Bear), but I wasn’t sure how new their writing was.

I thought perhaps what I was after was a bit of Glen Cookish space opera a la his Shadow line series. With that thought in mind,  I spied the epic covers to John Scalzi’s novels.  Spaceships crashing into each other,  spaceships hovering over moons,  more spaceships in close calls with each other; all done in a grand painterly style that speaks of big ideas and vast universes to be explored.

So,  I bought and read the first instalment (it was first released in instalments,  once a month,  but I won’t go into that concept just here).

The verdict? Not what I was after.  Space opera,  yes.  Well  written and witty,  yes.  Will I read on?  Yes,  but not just yet.  And here’s why.

A lack of detail that means the characters could just as well be in a submarine in the Atlantic,  rather then a spaceship in Utche territory.

There’s nothing wrong with the details that are used,  it’s just a different kind of science fiction more akin to whimsical action adventure.

I now have my eye on M. J Locke’s “Up Against It”.  If only I could actually find an ebook version for sale! Not sure if its a region thing but Amazon won’t let me buy it,  and no one else online seems to stock it. It must be good.


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