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Do Android Readers Dream About Electric Sheep?

I have just made the switch from IOS (Ipod 3rd gen, Iphone 4, Ipad 2) to Android (Nexus 7, Samsung Note II). Solely for screen size as I’m studying and the real estate has been interfering with my effective study time (when at places that are not home – like work).

Now life’s not all about study, or work, and quite a lot of it is about play.

So I’ve been trying out book readers for a) my course work b) my large collection of ebooks in multiple formats.

I’m familiar with Aldiko from the Nexus 7 that I bought my daughter (but haven’t given to her yet as she had to improve on her study habits and procrastination first. Which she has made great inroads on. Can’t have her being like her dad, and she’s looking the goods now. For an 8 year old, haha,poor thing.) and I like the way the pages transition. It feels like I’m reading a book.

But, it seems to be only good for PDFs and some epubs.

I need to be able to open docs,cbr, cbz txt, rtf, PDFs, epub, mobi and lit! I am also a huge fan of text reflow. It turns some shonky book files into treasures.

The search continues. I will keep you abreast.

Other readers I am trying out: Adobe Reader, Google Play, Qpdf reader, Perfect Reader (for cbr)

Any suggestions?


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