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Where did that writing come from?

I just wrote 500 words of authentic prose on a romantic fantasy short story I set aside last year. I opened up the file, expecting it to be another story I had set aside (an urban fantasy short story), made some corrections and then just started writing.

Feels pretty good. Yep, writing is a wonderful feeling.

So, where did the urge to write come from? I’ve been studying all day, and I’ve also been very sick. Third day in a row with debilitating stomach cramps. I did a mammoth load of study today learning all about plasticity and long term potentiation. Im guessing that being too physically sick to move away from the computer had a lot to do with both the academic success and the creative writing success. Normally, I am off and about doing farm work, or playing with my four year old son, or annoying my wife. Today, I just decided to get some work out of the way. Who knows, maybe some of the stuff I was studying came into play as well. Learning can form new synapses, and habits can be formed by new motivation.

I actually feel like I could keep writing, but you know what? I’m not going to. I’m going to delve deeper into this amazing novel I am reading at the moment. You may know the author, it’s George R.R Martin. I was a huge fan of his Wild Cards series, and The Great and Glorious Turtle, as a kid. It is a huge justification to my love of that series and his characters and influence on the other writers involved, that Game of Thrones is so bloody well written and well received. That prologue in the first novel is one of the most tightly written pieces of prose that I’ve read for years, and one of the most scary. In fact, in half a novel, he has scared the bejesus out of me twice. The opening prologue and the chapter where Bran falls.

I love that a writer that I loved as a kid, is still affecting me as an adult.


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