I Have Fingers of Thunder

Johny Thundersbeard does not procrastinate about writing

Yesterday I Wrote

Yesterday, I wrote. I wrote 100 words of my next No Rest instalment (the horror novel that I am writing with Kid Killagin) while waiting for the hot water to warm up in our farm house’s 30 year old shower.

Later, when I had given up trying to finish my study for this week, I wrote 200 words of my horror novel “Brutal Dungeon” (which will be optioned as a Jackie Chan movie when I finish it).

The No Rest stuff I’ll keep, the Brutal Dungeon stuff was completely worthless. I did, however, write a paragraph about why it didn’t work and what I was actually trying to achieve with the writing, and attached it to the document. So, it was bad writing, but it was worthy writing.

I also wrote a brief flash fiction about a goth girl that I met on a train once and published it to my writing.com account. One of those emotional “ships in the night” tales that romanticists like me find captivating. And terribly written, haha.

Yesterday was a victory for quantity over quality.


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