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2 Great Writing Email Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

I am pretty old school. I still love email. In fact, I still love mailing lists. These days, everything old is new again, and now I love email newsletters. It’s like the internet comes to you, instead of you having to go to it, haha.

A long, long time ago, I decided to track down a couple of email newsletters about writing so that I could get some pertinent yet random information about writing delivered to me. As with all things creative, your mileage may vary on the quality and interest in other people’s idea of writing information. Even teaching writing is subjective it seems.

There have been two absolute stand-outs for me though.

Writing Forward

I love this site’s word lists. Things like ten nautical terms, ten old english terms that are still used today, 10 medical terms etc, etc. The terminology you are exposed to makes this email newsletter a handy and worthwhile addition to anyone’s inbox. But, as you can see from this screenshot subscribing to Writing Forward will expose you to much more then mere word lists.

Writing Forward Email Newsletter

The other writing email newsletter I’ve become attached to (kind-of-pun intended) is a fairly new one for me. After a couple of turkeys though, it didn’t take long for this one to stand out.

The Write Practice

As you will see when you go to the above link and start watching the video “Live Your Dream”, this site is something special. It’s inspirational, it’s informative, it’s intelligent, and it’s there to get you practicing your writing.

Writing Practice Email Newsletter

Words of the week abound. Pro-tips sit alongside left-of-centre opinions on writing. Writing advice and daily instruction on getting writing.

Both these email newsletters find their way into my email inbox everyday. When I’m at work, it’s a simple matter to quickly read what they have to say and chew on any new thoughts that may be emerging.

I found sites like writing.com by searching google for email newsletters about creative writing, but Writing Forward and The Write Practice are the kind of sites that I was really looking for. Real, relevant writing advice bringing the internet to my email every day as well as the opportunity to delve into their actual websites when the opportunity presents.


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