I Have Fingers of Thunder

Johny Thundersbeard does not procrastinate about writing

Today’s Procrastination Brought to You By…

Instead of writing I am building a fence.

I’ve just got back from the hardware store with 12 bags of concrete. I’m going to use off cuts and old treated pine and cypress posts we have lying around. I’ve already bought 200 metres of 1200mm extra tensile chicken wire.

I’m working on one section at a time. I’ve already dug 4 2-foot holes. 3 are for a corner. I’ll use 1 an a half bags of concrete in each hole, but I’m debating if I can get away with using just the one bag in certain areas. Got some old aggie rock for drainage at the bottom of each hole. About 4-6 inches should do.

This is an example of work that I enjoy; a job that needs to be done. Not every other moment in your life is motivated by writers procrastination. You’ve got to live a bit too.

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