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Nootropic Log #1: Cognition Ignition

This is more of a log then a stack, but advice/recommendations/warnings are welcome.In the past I’ve been diagnosed with a Vitamin D Deficiency, and I’ve been diagnosed with Narcolepsy just this year. I’ve always had extreme procrastination, attention problems, and short term memory problems. I could self-diagnose myself with ADD or Sleep Deprivation from the narcolepsy/hypersomnia. Or both.

My main concerns are staying awake and alert throughout the day, increases in cognition/memory (working, LTP), keeping or enhancing creativity (but never decreasing: besides being an artist and a novelist, I depend on creative thinking for problem solving in my role as a mechanical troubleshooter in a manufacturing environment), and keeping mood stable (irritability and depression: I have 3 young children and a wife with CIS (Clinically Isolated Syndrome, which is MS without the Multiple.) I cant afford to lose my temper.)

My base stack consists of lions mane, fish oil, b complex, choline source, piracetam. After I get my blood work done some time in the next few weeks, I will look at adding a multi-vitamin again.

I have ingredients for:
– CILTEP stack using l-tyrosine as the stimulant. (but am not using just yet).
– I have Alcar because I want to increase my motor skills (above 3g apparently).
– I have uridine-mono phosphate on order.
– I have maca root on order for fun with the wife. I also take lecithin for increased semen volume.
– I have aniracetam on order to help with my work performance (mechanical skills and concepts)
– a tub of sustagen sports ( stopped using as it was making me grumpy. Why??)
– I have ginkgo 2000, but unsure if its worth using.
– I drink multiple cups of green tea throughout the day, but I have 200mg L-theanine on order.
– I plan on trying CILTEP after my blood work gets done. I have forskolin and artichoke extract.I have phenylalanine on order, but in the mean time I have the l-tyrosine.
– I hope to find a source of 4-aco-DMT. To be taken at nootropic dosage only for creativity boosts. Anybody know a good source in Australia?

This weeks stack consists of:

800mg Mushroom Wisdom Lions Mane
3-4g Natures Way Fish Oil
1x Natures Way mega b complex
2.4g Cognitive Nutrition piracetam
1g Nature’s Way Choline bitartrate
250mg Primaforce Alcar (1 scoop).
100mg x no-doze caffeine pill.
4 x 1000iu of Vitamin D with Calcium.

10mg Minoxidil in a pump spray.
1x mega b complex
2.4mg piracetam
600mg Natures Plus Egg-Yolk Lecithin
250mg Alcar (1 scoop).
1 or 2 x 100mg caffeine pill.

25mg Valdoxan (agomelamine)
10mg Minoxidil in a pump spray.
800mg Lions Mane
2.4 x piracetam
250mg Alcar (1 scoop).
600mg yolk-lecithin.

– I plan to increase the Alcar use to 3g a day to test for increases in motor skills.
– The afternoon is a real problem for me with the narcolepsy/hypersomnia. I’m going to try l-tyrosine as a stimulant. At the moment I have dexamphetamine for emergencies, but my fervent wish is to leave that far behind. If any drug is a false economy, it’s that one.
– I have 3 choline sources, but for 3 different things. Alcar for motor skills, Lecithin for semen volume, and Choline Bitartrate as synergy with Piracetam.
– the Valdoxan, I am hoping, will restore my sleep patterns and enable me to wake up and actually get up. It takes 10 days to show results, I’ve been taking it for 7 but just missed 2 days.

In my brief experimentations, I have felt some small working memory gains at work already and I definitely feel the anxiolytic and mood lifting effects of the Piracetam.

Each day I will report back here with my actual dosages and effects. More for my benefit then anyone else’s.


I also eat 2 kiwi fruits every morning around 5am after the morning stack.

I eat again at 8.30am – cereal with psyllium husk and an apple.

mid morning stack (forgot to add it in original post)
At 10am I traditionally had my second lot of dexamphetamine (5am, 10am, 3pm). I might try the l-tyrosine here this week or just another caffeine pill. This is probably the spot where I’ll take the CILTEP stack in a few weeks.

Lunch is 11.00 and is usually 3 salad rolls.

I might eat another 2 kiwi fruits on the way home from work. Or if its been a rough day, I’ll have a couple of beers from the drive-thru.

Dinner is 5.30 and is what ever delight the wife has concocted. 9 times out of 10 it’s healthy. Lots of steamed veggies, assorted colours, fish or meat or pasta. After dinner is desserts: whatever fruits are in season.


One comment on “Nootropic Log #1: Cognition Ignition

  1. Control Fink
    April 28, 2013

    Hey, is this the blog you didn’t want me to read? Your comment on mine lead me back…

    Cousin Michael has hard core sleep apnoea (he has to sleep hooked up to a respirator) and got prescribed Modavigil to cope with his tiredness/lethargy. He swears by it, apparently developed by the US military for fighter pilots.

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