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day 9: Oodg vs adb!

Day 9 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I see the mix of goood and evil in man every day. I don’t see in the streets. I don’t see it in the courts. I see it on the factory floor; in my fellow workers and the bad that men do. We get treated like numbers by the book keepers; they make us sack our apprentices when they finish their time. This isn’t evil it’s bad. It’s bad because it’s impersonal. It’s apathetic, their attitude to the manner they affect our lives.

I see bad man at work basking in doing and saying bad things to other men. I see some of those bad men, doing good things in their lives.

I have had workmates tell me these same bad people, and they are bad, are evil for the evil that they bring to others lives. They brought a lot of bad to that guys life.

There’s big evil; genocide and drug running. Murder of children by sexual deviants and violent fantasists. That kind of stuff seems unreal – disconnected – but ask the parents and friends of those murdered, they won’t feel so disconnected.

I had a friend murdered just over ten years ago. He was murdered in cold blood, shot from behind while camping with his girlfriend. They, 2 guys, proceeded to bash and rape and attempt to murder his girlfriend, also my friend. They left her for dead and she crawled – and when I say crawled I mean dragged – herself two kilometers through jungle and through a river to safety.

She forgave those guys, understanding the poverty they had come from and the alien culture that created them. His family didn’t. They see them as evil to this day, where my friend does not. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about our loss.

Its fashionable to say evil doesn’t exist. But I think it does. I also think that if people cared more, weren’t so callous in their disregard for huaanity and how HARD it is to be human, then maybe we could wipe evil from our language, if not our world. ‘d rather deal with bad men then evil ones.

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