I Have Fingers of Thunder

Johny Thundersbeard does not procrastinate about writing

Day 8: Motivation Abandoned

Day 8 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

I’m back at work this week and boy am I feeling the grind. This is meant to be a blog about writing and blogs are meant to be personal in nature, I would argue. I guess then, todays blogs are authentic. Since returning to work I have been unmotivated. I did go on a reviewing spree before I returned doing roughly 10 reviews but besides that I have just been concentrating on the bare essentials.

My strengths are my laughter in the darkness, and my weakness is my procrastination and inability to concentrate. The strength of my weakness is that my life has turned out alright despite it’s shaky start and the pitfalls along the way. i always tell people, you never know what goodness is around the corner. My path here, to my life, may not have been an easy one or a desirable one but without it – would I even be here? This is exactly what my story “”Yatamoto at The Bike-a-thon“” is about.

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