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Reviewing Your Mistakes

Day 7 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Charles Hamblin, an Australian philosopher, took the idea of phallacy, which come from formally incorrect arguments, and said “let’s explore them”. Depending on the context and the way people use them, some of these fallacies aren’t fallacies to those constructing the arguments.

Todays Review, to illustrate my point.

I would remove the colour references out of the opening paragraph. Colours used as adjectives can be quite jarring.

Nice twist though, I certainly didn’t pick it.

I gave them a rating of 3.5. It wasn’t very believable, and the POV characters punishment a little over-reactive. It’s a fine line between being honest, being constructive, and pissing in an authors pocket.

I’ve definately made some mistakes with authors here, being too honest in my appraisals. Especially when I first started here. I’m afraid I handed out a few 2 star ratings, something I regret. I upset a few people who fired back nasty emails. This is a method I’ve rectified. If something is under 3 stars, I usually won’t make the mistake of reviewing it. People don’t always need to hear honest reviews and if there writing is that bad they are obviously delusional and who am I to mock their delusions?

Also wrote a Writers Cramp entry.

“Bebe Runs the Risk”
Bebe, a challenger in search of a combatant has a business meeting with a candidate.

I’ve been watching some videos on argumentation and wearing my influences on my sleeve for this one.

My daughter very kindly illustrated my “Pegasus Heights” story. She didn’t want me to read it to her, she said she’ll wait till she can borrow it from the library. Now that’s a girl who knows how to let someone down gently in regard to her opinion of your work!

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