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Why do so many writers lack communication skills?

Day 4 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Write 200 Words on a World-Wide Issue.

It’s funny. Here we are, a bunch of writers. A whole bunch Of writers. A whole internets bunch of writers, which can mean thousands and thousands of writers. And yet I am noticing more and more that a lot of you guys, when you are away from your prose pieces, do not take the effort to communicate effectively.

Case in point:

In your review for “Invalid Item” you said: I think we should have to post a survivors tale between those dates to get our share. In response to your review, xxxxxxxxx sends: You need to send in the GPs properly.
— This email is being relayed through the Writing.Com Review System. —

Now, I attached the 100 gift points he was asking for. So I was entirely unsure what he meant. It wasn’t until 2 follow up emails later that it was explained to me that I had sent the 100 gift points to the individual and not the group.

I’ve noticed this lack of clarity with my own communications too. Especially when trying to explain things. In the introductory page to “The Detailed Writing Prompt Comp” I have had to rewrite the instructions at least 3 times due to my own inability to get my point across succinctly.

Fellow writers, this new year please make a resolution to communicate effectively outside your portfolio. It’s only a little bit of effort really. I’ll try if you will.

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