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Pen or Keyboard? Which flow has the better go?

Day 3 of the Blogging Challenge

I’m of an earlier generation, just, pre-Internet and pretty much pre-home computer. I say pretty much as I did have a commodore 64 from the age of 15. It was on this that I learned to type where as my older brother wrote his (amazing) superhero novels by hand.

I always wanted to be a prolific writer like him but suffered badly from nerves. Instead, I plotted out hundreds of ideas and dreamed of one day being able to let go of my demons. I eventually turned my creative side to comic books: writing, drawing.and self publishing.

I did the initial plotting and story boarding by hand, but always wrote the script out on computer. The two methods leant themselves to each other: visualizing for plotting with my pen and verbalizing for the script with the keyboard.

Years after I had given up on comics, and when I had decided to write a novel after years of procrastinating on short story writing I wrote index cards by hand but wrote the guts of the novels ideas on my computer.

That was 2 years ago, my novel is fully realized in my head and on paper it is all mapped out. I’ve only written two scenes however.

To this end, I am trying to capture some of my creative moments inspired by a pen. I have bought amstylus, an iPad and an handwriting recognition app as well as a hand writing app without the text capability.

But it doesn’t end there! I’ve also bought a foldable bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone. My plan is that because I amma good Typer, I will be able to just let myself go without looking at a screen. I’ll be able to do this anywhere.

Pen or Keyboard? Well, ask me in 8 months. My plan is to finish themfirst draft of my novel by the time I turn 37 in August.

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