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Notes on Kami Brings the Hellfire


I wrote this last night natter one of those creative flashes you often get. The visuals fully formed. So for once I actually sat down and just wrote it. Made it up as I went along, besides the central idea of how the real Kami Mcinnes (an actual award winning cutting edge Poet here in Australia) got his power for the poetry.

I used write or dies desktop version of their online kamikaze writing program. First time I’ve produced something substantial on it. I had it set so I would start deleting if I stopped writing. Quite harrowing!

I’m not sure if this story really is unfit for WDC. But it does stretch things beyond the state of comfortable society. One mans bestiality joke is another mans excuse to ban my account.

Tell me what you think at the wrbsite, not here. Comments are free there too and hey, spur of the moment thing but if you comment there and send me a link to your profile here I’ll review some of your stuff and give you , let’s say 200 gift points?

Seeya over there at LAOT. Kami Brings The Hell Fire is a comedy horror.


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