I Have Fingers of Thunder

Johny Thundersbeard does not procrastinate about writing

…On Pseudonyms

James Chivallo. Daryl Hackett, Nicole Quinterro, Dana Springfield, Louis Blackburn Jnr, Some Other Bloke, Prophet Ra, Duck the Third, Mark Delgado. These are just some of the nom de plumes , or Nom De Guerre’s as I used to call them, I used as a kid when planning my empire. This was those heady days pre-internet when we had no idea of the identity crisis bonanza facing us.

This time around, after deciding once again to give this writing gig a shot, I approached the issue in a much more grown up manner. I chose a variation of my real name (actually a variation of my last names meaning). It was actually Thundersbear but adding that d at the end seemed more apt given my current hirsuteness and sense of humor.

Just like my real beard, sometimes I can feel my new name tingle. This is when I know it is doing it’s growing. It’s funny though, when the hair on my head tingles: this is when I know it’s falling out. I’m hoping that doesn’t correlate to my ambitions.


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